Bay Ohm Yoga is comprised of qualified Yoga and Meditation Teachers ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals.

Everyone at our studio believes in establishing an energy balance and flow.


Founder, Yoga Instructor

Having been diagnosed with three Autoimmune diseases, Hashimoto's (Hypo-Thyroid) & Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren’s, her health was going into a fast decline for about a year before being diagnosed.
Suffering from things like swollen & stiff joints, confusion, debilitating bouts of exhaustion, sleepless and painful nights, she needed to find a way to help herself. Having a strong preference to holistic and natural healing, she gave herself the gift of attending a gentle yoga class.
After a few months of practice and feeling the incredible changes happening to her body, she decided she needed to be trained in Yoga & Meditation so that she could share this practice with anyone who was willing to try.
She completed her RYT 200 HR certification intensive studies at Sivananda Yoga Farm (spending 30 days in seclusion at the Ashram from everyday life) living in a tent under the California stars, training in Sacramento, CA. She is also a certified Yin Yoga Instructor, to which she attributes to her current level of mobility and flexibility.

She is passionate about  bringing community together through wellness & supporting those who want to begin or continue their journey of self knowledge and self love with a little tough love and discipline. She pushes her students to look within to find answers to their questions. 


Yoga Instructor

C-Ray, as his students call him, brings over 30 years of teaching experience drawn from yogic traditions as varied as Sivananda, Integral and Iyengar and is E-RYT500 certified.


His uniquely personal style emphasizes an alignment, shape and direction through a vigorous practice that explores classical postures in depth and with increased intensity. 


Students of all levels are encouraged to examine and surrender habitual behaviors in body and candor and humor.  C-Ray guides practitioners through a journey that is challenging, at times unpredictable, and always fun.

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